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Getting it right with retrofit

Retrofitting boiler controls can deliver significant energy savings but it's essential to avoid the wrong technologies, says Tony Wilson (written for Water, Energy & Environment)


Saving energy through continuous commissioning

New valve and control technologies can make it easy to ‘continuously commission’ fan coil and chilled beam systems as building usage changes, says Martin Lowe (written for Energy Management)


Seeing the wood for the trees

There are many practical aspects to running a biomass installation, says Paul Haddlesey (written for Property Management Select)


Kitchen Fast Facts

Lee Vines of PKL provides some 'fast facts' on temporary and permanent modular kitchens (written for Facilities Management Journal)


Thinking inside the box

Enclosures can have a major impact on the performance of the electrical components they enclose, suggests Paul Haddlesey (written for Electrical Times)


Sustaining the data flow

Effective sustainability management is dependent on working with meaningful, accurate data. Getting to grips with those data can be more complex than many people realise, as Paul Haddlesey explains (written for Property Management Select)


Moving forward with low carbon

Ant Wilson of AECOM explains how the building services engineer can get involved in helping end clients achieve ongoing energy efficiency improvements (written for MBS)


Reducing carbon with efficiency

With the current focus on reducing carbon emissions, it’s important not to lose sight of the need for efficiency. Kevin Stones, Technical Service Director with Hoval, explains (written for Modern Building Services)


The right balance is critical

Brian Blakesley of COFELY explains the role of service providers in meeting the needs of business-critical facilities (written for PFM).


Taking stock of energy efficiency

Effective maintenance and targeted refurbishment will help the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets, says COFELY (written for Modern Building Services).


Keeping an open mind

Energy-hungry data centres can be made more efficient with an open-minded approach (written for ACR Today).


Living and learning with biomass

Andy Owens of Hoval explores the practical aspects of using biomass in schools (written for HVR).


Handling air sustainably

Refurbishment often offers a more sustainable solution says Ron Flewett of Envirotec (written for BSEE).


Controlled collaboration

Colin Barnes of Collabor8online how low cost online collaboration and project management tools can make all the difference to profitability (written for Electrical Times).


Balancing relative humidity

Maintaining acceptable relative humidity while minimising energy consumption means choosing the most suitable humidification system. Dean Ward of Walter Meier (Climate UK) explains. (written for Energy in Buildings & Industry)


Winning the space race

Alan Rose of CAD Management explain why space utilisation is now a more important dynamic than occupancy (written for Facilities Management Journal)


Information at your fingertips

As the internet becomes the information source of choice, online technologies continue to evolve, says Richard Appleton of LuckinsLive.com (written for Electrical Products & Applications)


Quick wins for energy saving

Robin Putman of COFELY explains how the energy consumption of automated systems can be reduced (written for Energy Management)


Size matters

Kevin Stones of Hoval discusses the implications of new air quality legislation for biomass boilers (written for Water, Energy & Environment)


Getting to grips with boiler dry cycling

Tony Willis of Sabien Technology explains why it's unrealistic to expect a BMS to control every aspect of a boiler's efficiency (written for Building Services & Environmental Engineer)


Getting smart with sustainability management

Steve Dingley of Integrated fm considers the practical issues of managing sustainability (written for Facilities Management Journal)


Controlled collaboration

Colin Barnes of Collabor8online explores the benefits of new, low cost online collaboration technologies for the management of drawings and other project documentation (written for CableTalk)


Green FM = Holistic FM

Achieving truly ‘green’ FM is as much about how you think as what you do,says COFELY. (written for Premises & Facilities Management)


The pod approach to school kitchens

Lee Vines of PKL explains how kitchen pods can help schools to upgrade their catering facilities (written for Cost Sector Catering)


Focusing on refurb

If the UK is to meet its emissions targets, more attention needs to be paid to refurbishment, says Ant Wilson of AECOM. (written for Modern Building Services)


Tackling the space race

Steve Dingley of Integrated fm suggests that space planning software can make a greater contribution than many people realise. (written for Facilities Management Journal)


Moving towards flexible commissioning

Martin Lowe of Marflow Hydronic Systems explains how new valve and control technologies are enabling a system of ‘continuous commissioning’. (written for Water, Energy & Environment)


New city centre campus for Newport

A new city centre campus for the University of Wales Newport will be a key element in the regeneration of Newport. (written for The CIBSE Journal)


A flexible friend

Martin Lowe of Marflow Hydronic Systems explains how specifiers can give their clients more flexible air conditioning systems (written for Consulting Engineer)


Out with the old

Kevin Stones of Hoval takes a look at the key considerations when upgrading boiler plant. (written for Energy in Buildings & Industry)


The challenges of reducing energy

David Bakst of Sabien Technology outlines key considerations for sourcing, installing and measuring the performance of energy efficiency technologies. (written for Energy in Buildings & Industry)


The challenge of BSF

Ant Wilson and Richard Brailsford of AECOM explain why Building Schools for the Future needs to evolve with changing criteria. (written for H&V Review)