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Specialists in PR and marketing support for building services, building management and sustainability


What makes Market Force different? A brief summary:


Knowledge of the industry
Most PR companies spread themselves across several industries and face a steep learning curve every time they begin work with a new client. We specialise in building services and building management so we have a better understanding of:

• What your products or services do
• How they fit into the overall picture
• Your routes to market
• Your target audiences and how to reach them

As a result, a contract with Market Force is up and running almost immediately, without waiting several months for someone to learn about you.

Knowledge of the press
Coming from an editorial background, we have first-hand knowledge of how the press work and the ways in which they prefer information to be presented. This has led to a relationship of trust with trade press editors as they know that PR from Market Force will address their needs rather than presenting ‘puff’ about the client company that they have to spend time editing.

Personal service
Market Force is a family run business and we limit the numbers of clients to a manageable level. So all of our clients are important and each receives a personal service – there is no delegation to junior ‘account handlers’.

No hidden extras
In contrast to most PR consultancies, our fees include disbursements such as postage, travel, telephone, photocopying etc. This approach enables clients to budget accurately rather than ‘guesstimating’ what the extra charges will be.


No mark-ups
Additional services such as design, printing and photography are sourced from a tried and tested network of specialists and charged to clients at cost, when working within a retainer arrangement.


No agency discounts
It is customary for agencies to receive a 10% discount on adverts booked with magazines. When booking adverts for clients where we operate within a retainer arrangement, we pass that saving on.