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Specialists in PR and marketing support for building services, building management and sustainability


All of our PR services, often in support of other services, are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, although most PR campaigns share certain characteristics.


Within a typical PR contract we will deliver the following services: 

  • Writing and distribution of press releases.

  • Researching, writing and gaining approvals for case studies.

  • Writing technical articles/ opinions etc.

  • Organising photography when required.

  • Tracking advance features in magazines to identify editorial opportunities.

  • Liaising with editors to create new opportunities and take advantage of existing opportunities.

  • Arranging interviews with editors

  • Organising press conferences

  • Dealing with requests for separation charges from magazines.

  • Regular meetings with the client to ensure we are kept up to speed with the latest developments.

However we often get involved in many other marketing support activities, within a general philosophy of 'being useful and earning our keep'.